Our commitment


At Little Hens we are committed to: nurture your children's imagination and creativity; build their confidence through praise, and strong, caring relationships; develop their social skills through trust, respect and sharing; encourage them to grow and develop by inspiring them to love learning… forever.

Care. Children need love and nurturing to develop a sense of trust and security that turns into confidence as they grow

Health. Providing a healthy and well balanced diet to babies and young children is vital to support all aspect of their development. 

Quality. A responsive environment and a highly educated staff are key factors to deliver children the best start in life. 

Social. As member of a community, children learn how to live with others, build relationships and get a sense of share, respect and trust. 

Creativity is innate in children and we nurture it through opportunities for self-exploration by giving space for experiment. 

Challenge. A stimulating environment enables children to develop their motor skill and cultivate their ambition through accomplishment. 

Nature. Access to nature is essential for children to understand the world they live in and learn how to respect it.